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    PPC Web Spy is a new, downloadable software tool that can benefit your internet marketing campaigns. It is a keyword research tool that can be downloaded from the PPC Web Spy website. It finds keywords, AdWords, AdWords data and even actual AdWords ads that are being used by competitors.

    PPC Web Spy is a small plug in that runs directly within your web browser, and can be downloaded via the PPC Web Spy website. It helps those involved in the internet marketing business to find useful information about their competitors and how those competitors are making their money on the internet. With PPC Web Spy you’ll be able to see your competitor’s keywords, costs per click as well as their AdWords rank. You will also be able to see the exact destination URL that the AdWords sends visitors too. PPC Web Spy is currently being offered to download for free by registering on the website.

    Using PPC Web Spy means that you will not have to spend time on keyword research, and then finding out which keywords transform visitors into buyers. Using PPC Web Spy will save you both time and money, by finding keywords used by other advertisers, finding your competitor’s AdWords, and even enabling you to see AdWords data relating to those keywords, all within minutes. You can build your own list of keywords, using information collected from competitor’s ads, and use them for your own marketing campaign.

    PPC Web Spy is available as a download from the website and is currently being offered for free. Once you have downloaded PPC Web Spy, you have to option to upgrade to Platinum, which offers, even more, features.


    Customer Reviews.

    Reviews of PPC Web Spy have been extremely positive with users stating that it is the best tool of its kind. It scores high in reliability, ease of use, features and customer support. Here is what on happy customer had to say about PPC Web Spy:


    “I was a beginner to AdWords, and this was the first product I purchased to help me with my campaigns. I must say that PPC Web Spy is awesome in every aspect! You can get new keywords while getting a sneak peek at your competitor’s tactics. It saved me a lot of time which I would have wasted trying out keywords that would not have worked for me. Awesome product!” 



    This convenient tool is easy to download, and upgrades from the website are available with extra features. It provides internet marketers with a quick, easy to use tool to help them see what their competitors are doing and use the same keywords they are using to get results with their marketing campaigns.



    PPC Web Spy is currently being offered to download for free, but the free offer is for a limited time only.



    In Conclusion:

    This extremely helpful plug in mainly helps you to spy on your competitors and stay ahead in the internet advertising market. It saves you time, which is also money.

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